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Kawasaki KLR650 All Years
For the weekend warrior.

Happy Trails Heavy Duty Shifter
+1" Kawasaki KLR650 All Years

The KLR650 is a terrific adventure touring bike. Oddly, it has a couple of weak points, one of which is an inferior stock shifter which is prone to breakage. The stock shifter also has a very small surface area where the folding tip is welded on. When the bike goes down the shift lever flexes in and the small surface has a significant focused impact zone and can puncture the side cover.

For years we have welded a pad on in this area to broaden the impact zone and greatly reduce the chance of a punctured side cover. Happy trails has a newer design that is unique only to us. We manufacturer a shift lever arm that is contoured to fit the bike with a more significant pad in folding tip of the shift lever area.

Length Choices: We make two versions of this shifter, the KA-8 is the same length as the OEM shifter. The KA-8L is 1" longer. Please select below.

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