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Kawasaki KLR650 K-9 Fork Brace

Progressive Fork Springs
KLR650A '87-'07

SKU 771151

Larry Roeseler Signature Series Fork Springs for improved handling of your Kawasaki KLR650 1987-2007.  Why? KLR650 front fork springs are very weak and cause a lot of dive.

Larry, along with Progressive Suspension, have tested and fine tuned the KLR650 spring application to give you the best performance possible. The Progressively Wound Signature Series Fork Springs are made from the highest quality spring materials available, then shot peened for strength. As a final step, they are polished to reduce friction within the fork and minimize oil contamination.

How good are they? Guaranteed for life against sagging or breakage! Our kit includes the option to have the pre-cut spacers you need to make the springs work correctly.

Spring Rate: OEM Spring Rate: 0.40 kg/mm; Progressive Spring Rate: 0.46 - 0.71 kg/mm

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