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Kawasaki KLR650 K-9 Fork Brace

PD (Paris Dakar) Nerf Bars
Kawasaki KLR650A '87-07

SKU HTP4-1-5-4x


Happy Trails exclusive PD (Paris Dakar) Nerf design for the ultimate in KLR650 protection. Loops of 5/8 inch tubular steel protect the expensive fuel tank and shrouds on your bike.

Included in the package is our exclusive third generation engine guard-highway peg combination (EG-3). The EG-3's one inch steel base tube adds additional support and provides highway pegs, giving the rider many more choices in riding positions for greater comfort mile after mile. The highway pegs provide bonus protection for the engine side cases, and they easily fold-up when not in use.

Important Note: The PD Nerf protection setup cannot be run with our reservoir / radiator guard assembly . Also note that they do not clear the shrouds of an IMS gas tank.

Weight: PD Nerf Uppers 7 lbs
Weight: EG-3 engine guard/highway peg combo 4.5 lbs.

Color: Black powder coat only.

Note: The EG3 is required for this installation, but you may opt out of the EG3 if you already have it. You may also order only a Left or only a Right Nerf bar.



EG3 Opt-Out. If you already have the EG-3 described above (identifiable by the spud to bolt the uppers on as shown HERE) you can opt out of the EG3 in the drop-down menu below. The cost of the EG3 will be deducted from your purchase price and the EG3 will not be included in your order.

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