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Custom KLR650 seat by Corbin.
... the Doohickey, all years

Corbin Dual Platform Seat KLR650 All Years


What Corbin says about the KLR Custom Seat:

If you are looking to get the lowest seat possible to make your reach to the ground easier, THIS is the seat model for you! Our Dual Platform model gives seating lower than the stock seat and both other Corbin seat models.

We got a bunch of great feedback from our new pals over at for a new saddle design to fit the KLR. Better still, they brought their new `08 down to the shop so we could check it out in person and get the skinny first hand. After some discussion, Mike Corbin and the Wizards set about engineering this latest offering...

This stepped, dual platform design allowed us to really lower the front position of the saddle. This equates to better ground reach and, naturally, a lower center of gravity.

A nice side effect of the stepped seating is that you get a nice bit of back support out of it too. Notice how we've taken this shape and sculpted it to conform to the shape of your body. This provides more square inches of body support and eliminates hot spots.

In the nose area we've drastically reduced the height of the seat. In fact, we literally can't make the nose of the seat any lower than it already is. But don't worry about comfort... although we've cut it down in front, there's still plenty of support and cushion under your rear and thighs while in the riding position. As with all Corbin saddles, we incorporate our Comfort Cell foam material to supply firm comfort for long days on the road (or trail as the case may be).

If you're a taller rider or just don't have any problem with ground reach, you may want to check out our DISHED and FLAT seat models for the KLR instead.

Saddle installs much like your stock seat and bolts directly to the Kawasaki chassis. The only difference is the simple relocation of a vent hose on the fuel tank. (Complete instructions included.) Notes: The seat has a Corbin logo on one side and a logo on the other. Photo. We keep this item in stock for immediate shipping.

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