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Happy Trails Adjustable Centerstand KLR650E 2008+ LOWERED

SKU HTP4-8-16L

This is the lowered version of the Happy Trails KLR60 E series (2008 and up) centerstand. See the regular non-lowered version here.

The Happy Trails Centerstand reflects two-years of research and development. Our goal was to design & produce a product that would be best in class for the following criteria:

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Ease of  use - in getting the bike on the stand
  3. Ground clearance - the most possible
  4. Adjustable height - one stand for all combinations of tires
  5. Lightweight (6.25 lb.) and durable
  6. Replaceable wearing parts

We think we've succeeded on all counts.

Answers to questions you've asked:

  • The sidestand and centerstand must be deployed in a certain order to avoid interference. When dismounting, set the sidestand first ... next deploy the centerstand. Reverse this order when preparing to ride.

  • The product works with all skid plates Happy Trails sells for the KLR650. If you have a different skid plate, then look to see if there is an air space where your skid plate meets the foot peg bracket. If there is, then your skid plate will work with our centerstand.

  • This lowered version of this product is designed to work with the Happy Trails Lowering Link.

SW-Motech Note: SW-Motech crash bars can work with our centerstand - you will need to find some M8x35 (12.9 hardened) bolts with a 1.0 thread pitch. Some customers have drilled and tapped the peg mount bolts to 10 mm from 8mm to address any concern of the additional stress given to the peg mounting bolts.

Click here for Wiki note: Center stand dragging in turns

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Idaho



Happy Trails disclaims any liability related to the alteration of suspension and potential issues with the centerstand including bottoming out or contacting the road service.

Altering the suspension of a motorcycle via lowering/raising links or a shortened shock should be done carefully and under the supervision of an experienced suspension specialist with knowledge of use of Happy Trails lowered centerstand. The installation of lowering links significantly impacts suspension dynamics and the effective spring rate of the rear shock.

It is important to have the suspension sag measured and spring rate adjusted properly, with consideration given to load carried on bike, center stand installed, riding style and conditions. These items among others need to be addressed by the installer of the centerstand and understood by the operator of the motorcycle.

We have no way of knowing if a rider has adjusted their sag and put the correct spring on the shock. The centerstand will not work with our lowering links if the shock spring isn't adequate for the weight and load of the rider. It has less to do with the products and more to do with their proper installation.

If you do not obtain the skills, understand or accept these warnings, please consider another option to ensure a safe condition.


This center stand is designed to only work with the Happy trails HTP4-8-10 Lowering Link with a properly sprung suspension, proper carrying load and moderate riding conditions. The use of any other lowering link will not work.

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