Pannier Replacement Lid Owyhee


Replacement lid comes pre-drilled, with 4 footman loops and cam latch keepers installed as shown. All lids now come standard with lid locks. See Photo. This lid fits panniers which are 16" long. Select width below.

These lids have our newer Slot Hinge design.

If your panniers have the old style lid you can convert very easily with this new lid. Drill two holes, install two screws and you're done.

How to: Tighten the cam latches to clamp the lid in place. Inside the hinge slot on each side, measure approximately 1-3/8" from the top of the lid and make a mark. Take off the lid, drill one hole on each side with a 3/16" bit, and install the slot hinge screw. That's it.

Ryan Grassley shows how it's done. We have to go on record as saying, "Get goggles, Ryan!"

This lid fits Owyhee panniers, which are 16" long. Select width:

Slot Hinge Hardware Kit: Contains two screws, two nuts and two spacers, one set each for each side of the lid. $4

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