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Need less than a full puck kit? Buy as many individual pucks as you need here …
Already have panniers? Here is the puck kit for mounting them on your new SU rack.
Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Puck Only
Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Knob (by the each)

Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Kit Original Style


Our mount kits make it a cinch to take your panniers on and off. This kit will also work for Pelican cases or other types of luggage enabling quick and easy detachment.

The kit consists of four pucks for each pannier (total of 8). The bottom 2 pucks on each pannier hold the shear weight of the pannier and are semi-permanently attached with hex head bolts. The upper 2 pucks on each pannier are the clamping force that holds the pannier to the side rack. They are tightened with a knob (hex head bolts also included) ... a quick couple of turns and the puck is loose enough to rotate and turn down to remove the pannier...  no tools needed.

MK750-A mounts cases to any Happy-Trail SU racks (or other racks) built with 3/4"(.750" or 19.05 mm) tubing.

MK710-A mounts cases to the BMW R1200GSA and KTM LC8 stock racks and other racks built with .710" (18.034 mm) tubing.

MK625-A mounts cases to any Happy-Trail SU Racks, Northwest or SL racks (or other racks) built with 5/8" (.625" or 15.875 mm) tubing. Note: MK625-A-SWM add-on kit is available below in order to mount cases to the SW-Motech EVO system racks built with .615" flat tubing.

Happy Trails pucks are compatible with SW-Motech EVO system racks. Measure the thickness of the loop on the rack and order according to the guidelines above.

Note: Our puck system now employs hex head bolts instead of allen head because customers reported issues with the head being stripped.

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Boise, Idaho


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