Vinyl Protective Film
Giant Loop


Protect bodywork from scuffing under saddlebags and tankbags.

Protect bodywork and plastics from scuffing or marks under Giant Loop's saddlebags and tank bags with Giant Loop Vinyl Protective Film. Even a single ride can buff the shine off your gloss coat. Take a few minutes now to keep your bike looking like new.


  • Installs in minutes
  • Heavy-duty 12 mil film (used for race bike graphics)
  • 3 sheets
  • 12" x 14"
  • Made in U.S.A.


  1. Clean surface thoroughly to remove residue and oils. On new plastics, use brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner to remove plasticizers from surface - alcohol and household cleaners will not work.
  2. Work in warm area with warm vinyl sheets. Use hair dryer to warm sheets if needed.
  3. Use razor blade knife to trim sheet to shape.
  4. In spray bottle add 1 drop liquid dish soap to 16 ounces of warm water.
  5. Spray solution onto bike plastic/bodywork and onto both sides of vinyl sheet.
  6. Place wet vinyl sheet onto plastic/bodywork and float into place.
  7. Gently squeegee water and bubbles out from under vinyl sheet. Start with fingers, then use a folded piece of product header card to finish.
  8. Wait 4-6 hours before riding to allow moisture to evaporate. Gently work out any remaining bubbles.

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