DeLorme AG-008449-201 inReach Two Way Satellite Communicator for Smartphones

SKU DEL-AG-008449-201

Product Features

  • 2-way interactive SOS worldwide. No fringe or weak signal areas. Communicate the nature of your emergency. Receive instructions from emergency personnel. Have piece of mind knowing you are in touch with someone while waiting for the rescue team

  • In standalone mode, the inReach is a versatile 2-way communicator with capabilities unavailable on one-way satellite messengers. The inReach can send out messages and tracking points, and receive confirmation of message delivery

  • Tracking can be user-configured to display your progress at intervals ranging from 10 minutes to 4 hours. Tracking is activated from the pushbutton interface or designated followers can "ping" your inReach, to remotely activate tracking

  • When paired with an iOS( iPhone,iPad,iTouch) or Android mobile device, inReach has the ability to send & receive text messages, from any place on the globe. The two-way messaging capability applies to both personal and SOS communications

  • You can compose free form messages of up to 160 characters on your companion device's keyboard. Send status updates and revised ETAs to family, get the latest news from home. No matter how far you are from home

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