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Works great with ChargeAlert ...
Custom dash, easy to install.

by Planet Equipment


Don’t be stranded by a malfunctioning charging system! This on-board charging system monitor watches your charging voltage and keeps you informed via a single super-bright red LED.

The LED will show you when:

  • your charging system drops to a certain point... time to turn some accessories off or investigate the problem because your battery is not being fully charged.
  • the voltage indicates a more serious discharge... don't shut your bike off because it probably won't restart.
  • the system begins to overcharge... turn off the the bike because your battery can be damaged quickly in this situation.


The red LED is bright enough to see on the brightest day. And, of course, when there is no problem there is no light on to distract you.

Simple to install… just two connections and one ¼” hole to drill. This simple, yet sophisticated diagnostic tool can prevent you being stranded by a malfunctioning charging system and help ensure that all your rides are trouble free.

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