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Cee Bailey's Windshield BMW R1200 GSW


Fitment for BMW R1200GSW 2013+

This shield is a direct replacement that features a filled in upper design. Cee Bailey's brought the trailing edge closer to the rider. Then they incorporated a subtle reverse curve and increased the upper width. This reduces the distance between the rider and shield while maintaining ample space between the helmet and shield. The result is reduced torso blast with better head stability. It also provides good optics while eliminating the kaleidoscope effect that's present with the original.

  • Manufactured from .150 aircraft grade acrylic
  • Available in clear, light & dark gray tints
  • Installation instructions & all hardware included

Note: Original shield #46638528683 measures 17" tall (length overall). Width is 11.5" just below the crown at the widest point when measured in a straight line from behind the shield. Replacement shield measures 19" in length & 13" wide when taken from the same reference points.

Note: No refunds or exchanges on Opaque Black, Light Green and Dark Gray Tints.

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