HT Skid Plate

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Don't risk catastroophic damage to your R1200. We have also seen what happens when the stock skid plate comes in contact with too many large, unmovable trail hazards. In the worst case (since the stock plate is mounted to the engine oil pan) the mounting bolts punch a hole in the engine causing oil loss ... and an unhappy rider. In less severe cases, the rubber mounts holding the skid plate to the bottom of the engine soon separate from each other and you have a skid plate left on the trail somewhere, or maybe caught in time to zip-tie it in place until you get to the next BMW dealer.

Our Happy Trails skid plate solves these problems with our custom fit, full length 3/16” skid plate. It is not mounted to the engine oil pan and does not use failure prone rubber based mounting spacers.We mount directly to the frame rails at the rear and to the most substantial engine mount available at the front of the plate. Our unique bracket design absorbs the energy from larger hits before transferring it to the engine case.


  • Unique mounting brackets help prevent engine case damage and potential “ride-ending” oil loss

  • Extended protection for the front, sides, and back of the engine and exhaust system

  • Adventure proven 3/16” aluminum plate is used throughout for strength and long term durability

  • Tough, yet attractive Silver Vein powder coat finish applied to skid plate and mounting brackets


  • Skid Plate

  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware

  • Installation Instructions

Dimensions: 15” x 24” x 3.25”
Weight: 4.5 lbs

All Happy Trails Products are designed and crafted in Boise, Idaho


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