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AeroFlow Sport Half Fairing BMW R1200GS/GSA


The Sport Half Fairing is an alternative to the Touring Half Fairing that still provides excellent helmet and body protection but allows more airflow to the arms and lower body. With it's smaller size, it's great for off-road riding.

All the Upper Windscreens and brackets for both Fairings are interchangeable. Existing R1200GS Touring Fairing owners can convert their fairings by just mounting a Sport Body and removing a couple of brackets.

Upper Windscreen

The upper windscreen portion of your half fairing allows airflow to the backside of the windscreen. This airflow combines with the air traveling on the front of the screen at the "flare" or "lip", pushing the air up and over your helmet. Four heights available.


Height is measured vertically from top front edge of gas tank with bike on center stand. See photos HERE and HERE. The tallest one you can easily/comfortably see over is the ideal fit.

Width: Upper Windscreen width at widest point is 20"; at top is 14". (Measured horizontally with yard stick)

Fairing Body

Sport Body is 1/3rd the size of the Touring body and made of a heavier plastic to eliminate fluttering at high speeds without the need for lower or side support brackets.

As with the Touring Fairing, the Sport body also utilizes an air intake to relieve back-pressure and provide airflow up the back of the screen which accounts for our signature smooth airflow leaving the screen.

Fairing Body available in Clear or Smoke. Clear Body is paintable to match your bike, simply spray the backside of the Body with spray paint made for plastics,

Adjustment Notes:

    R1200GS Sport-Fairing Upper Brackets are adjustable for height and angle, regardless of bike year or model: Existing mounting instructions have separate "Adjustment" instructions based upon the bike year and model. The R1200GS Sport-Fairing Upper Brackets can be mounted Full-Forward (previously "08-on models only), Full-Back (previously only '05-'07 models), or any position in-between, for all R12GS years/models. This adjustment option allows you to raise or lower/fine-tune screen height for best protection.

Shipping Note: Product size requires shipping in an oversize box. Due to UPS oversize surcharges, shipping can range from $25 to $40 depending on your location. Please call us if you would like an exact shipping/handling quote.

R1200GS/GSA Sport Half Fairing: Fits the 05-07 and the 08+. Two piece Half Fairing complete with upper windscreen portion, lower body portion, aluminum mounting brackets & mounting hardware.

Bike Year. Please tell us the year of your bike so we can send you the correct lower side brackets.

Special Cuts. Please tell us if your bike is an Adventure model or if you have Hepco & Becker engine guards so we can make the correct modifications to your Half Fairing. No extra charge for these cuts.

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