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Cee Bailey's Windshield BMW R1200 GS/GSA


Fitment for BMW R1200GS/GSA.

All new and redesigned for 2013, same great performance with a whole new look. These shields are tall enough to be effective with rock solid stability. They provide good head and torso protection from the ram air blast that's associated with other shields. Four sizes to choose from for a shield that suits your riding needs. They also make a great choice for riders wanting to upgrade from the standard GS, to the improved stability and performance of the GS Adventure series.

  • Manufactured from .150 aircraft grade acrylic
  • Available in clear, green, light & dark gray tints
  • Installation instructions & all hardware included

Size Selection:

Suggested sizing is for most average body builds on OE seats (high) with the shield set in a neutral position (medium). Riders caught in-between sizes need to determine torso & posture for best results. It is always better to be on the next shorter size if ordering dark gray. (Must see over the top.)

  • 16" Sport Shield (same looks as the 18")
  • 18" for most riders 5'10" to 6'0"
  • 20" for most riders 6'1" to 6'3"
  • 22" for most riders 6'4" or taller

Note: The original BMW shield measures 17" high when measured from a straight line between the lower mounting holes to the top center of the shield. Width measures about 15" wide when measured just below the crown in a straight line from behind the shield. All replacement shields measure about two and a half inches wider just below the crown & mid section (widths may vary slightly)

Note: No refunds or exchanges on Opaque Black, Light Green and Dark Gray Tints.

Select your windshield size and tint:

Optional Support Brackets for riders upgrading from the GS to the Adventure system: The biggest advantage about upgrading to the Adventure system is the support bracket. The optional support bracket provides for much needed stability to accommodate a taller shield that works great for all riding conditions. Our support brackets replace BMW # 46637694395. These are a high quality replica that's made in USA & fits any GS or GSA model. Support brackets include hardware with complete instructions.

Superior Strength Clamping Bolts: Clamping bolts are used for adjusting the shields height and the originals have been reported break without warning. Our design is built to last a lifetime with fully threaded brass inserts so upgrade now & you'll be glad you did. Our extra long shaft makes installation and shield adjustment a breeze for any GS or GSA. Riders that are upgrading to the Enhanced brackets, please be advised that the original clamping bolts may be too short & should be replaced.

Headlight Guards: These guards protect your headlight from costly damage. Made of the same .150 acrylic as the shield, they take the impact of every-day road hazards that will crack or break a lens without warning. With new head lights costing hundreds of dollars we think these guards are inexpensive insurance. All guards are secured by 3M Dual Locks that separate the headlight from the guard allowing for easy removal for cleaning.

  • No Cancellations, Refunds or Returns
    This product is a special order item
    and not available for refund or return.

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