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Tail Plate for F650GS & F800GS Twin
Three sizes, two color combinations, innovative design!
Canyon Cut bottom bag sits snuggly in your pannier. Stack two mid/upper or two cube bags on top.
The versatile Rolie Bag has many mounting possibilities.
Waterproof, breathable leather.

Aluminum Pannier Kit TETON
BMW F650-F700-F800GS-Twin


This Teton Pannier Kit for your BMW BMW F650GS/F700GS/F800GS-Twin includes everything you need for a great luggage system. The kit includes:

  • Two Teton Panniers with left side Clif-Cut
  • SU Rack System
  • Mounting hardware

Pannier kit does not include the Tail Plate shown in the photo.

The SU rack has our new Point1 pressed insert design, adding to the ease and functionality you’ve come to expect from our pannier systems. Details HERE.

Tim says: The SU Rack is asymmetrical to hug the bike's profile. Measured from center, the right side is 11", the exhaust side is 12.25". The Panniers have the Happy Trails exclusive Clif-Cut on the exhaust side to keep the weight of the load as close to the center of the bike as possible. This creates a  balanced, symmetrical look.

Note: The bike can't run a Clif-Cut on the non-exhaust side as it will interfere with fuel filling.

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Boise, Idaho


Pannier measurement note: A 3/4" lip makes the opening on all boxes 1-1/2" smaller than box measurement. For further detailed Pannier Info visit our Pannier Wiki Page

Pannier kits include: Each and every pannier kit includes FREE SHIPPING (domestic US only) on the pannier portion of your order. Additionally, kits include Free powder coating, Free pre-mount and Free lid locks, a value of $166. Make your additional selections below.

Powder Coat: In order to provide superior customer service, we now offer our panniers and top boxes finished in Hammertone Black powder coat only.

Pre-mount: We will drill the four holes for the pannier puck mount system in Happy Trails' "neutral" mounting position, suitable for solo or two-up riding (rider and passenger).

Matched Key Lid Locks allow you to have a single key for aluminum panniers and/or aluminum tailbox (any number of boxes) as long as they are ordered at the same time. Does not replace cam latches, which provide the dust and water proof seal that makes our boxes famous. See photo.

Bag-It! sale! Add six pannier liner bags for the bundled price of $90 (save $30). Stack one bottom & two mid/upper bags in one pannier, one bottom and two cubes in the other. Packing Tips Video

Cap-It! Our Happy Trail Pannier top bags are perfect for easy access to the things you need close at hand. The 5" wide bags mount to the top of your panniers and can be used on any 7.5" Happy Trails Teton Pannier equipped with footman loops or lid racks.

Add an Inner Tool/Carrier System so you can load the inner space of symmetrical SU racks with the can't-leave-behind essentials, while leaving the panniers back at camp. Here is a link for pictures and further information.

Single Cap-It! Pannier Top Bag straps into SU utility carrier so you can leave panniers at camp and carry tools, tubes on the trail. This bag is not waterproof, and requires a plastic bag inside. Note: If you have a pair of Cap-It Pannier Top Bags you can use one of them. This is the same bag.

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