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SealSavers 1 3/4" 125cc to 500cc+ Bikes

SKU 772376
Why let the elements of dirt riding wreak havoc on your fork seals, when you can protect them for around $20?

With SealSavers the forks seals are sealed off, creating a casing-like condition that prevents dusty, muddy conditions from creating major and costly problems! Correct performance from the front fork is a vital requirement for everything from Motocross to Trials bikes. Dirt, dust and mud cause the fork tube seals to wear out, creating decreased handling performance.

SealSavers have been specially developed for protecting reciprocating metal-rubber contact areas, eliminating dirt, dust and mud, reducing friction at the point of contact, and increasing the life expectation of the components involved.

Select Short (6") or Long (12").
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