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ROK Adjustable Motorcycle Stretch Straps (Twin Pack)
ROK Adjustable Pack Straps (Twin Pack)

ROK Non-Adjustable Motorcycle Straps (Twin Pack)

SKU ROK10002-ROK10005

Flat straps, 3/4" wide, in four lengths.

ROK's innovative flat luggage straps outperform round straps hands down. The sturdy straps are built for rugged outdoor use, resisting wear while supplying lots of stretch and strength.

Each strap has a sewn-on closed loop at one end and a longer loop at the other end with a Fastex buckle.

Straps have a 140 lb burst strength (70 lb rated load). The rubber is protected by a braided polyester cover.

Straps are constructed identically so any two straps can be joined together securely by interconnecting the Fastex buckles. For example, two 12 inch straps can be used as a 24 inch strap. Straps stretch to 150% of their base length, i.e. a 12 inch strap would stretch approximately 6 inches.

Fixed length straps work well for carrying the same size object in the same place on a bike every time it is carried.

Colors: all black.

ROK straps are quick and easy to use, strong and safe and have a 12 month ROK warranty. You can never have too many ROK straps!

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