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ROK Adjustable Pack Straps (Twin Pack)
ROK Non-Adjustable Motorcycle Stretch Straps (Twin Pack)

ROK Adjustable Motorcycle Stretch Straps (Twin Pack)


1" wide, adjustable from 18" to 54" or 60" long and 90 lbs working load.

ROK's innovative flat luggage straps outperform round straps hands down. The sturdy straps are built for rugged outdoor use, resisting wear while supplying lots of stretch and strength.

  • Core of 100% natural rubber resists oxidation and tearing.
  • Tightly woven, wear resistant outer layer of polyester braiding protects rubber core from harmful UV rays.
  • Double stitched layers reduce breakage and recoil and add to the lifetime of the strap.
  • Flat straps minimize pressure and maximize friction - they don't roll to the side like round straps.
  • Tough, long-lasting, no-scratch buckles.

Colors: all black, Hi-Viz green/black, or black/orange.

ROK straps are quick and easy to use, strong and safe and have a 12 month ROK warranty. You can never have too many ROK straps!

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