Kolpin C.A.R.B. Fuel Pack Jr

SKU 578405

Increase your fuel capacity and riding distance with the conveniently sized 1.5 gallon Fuel Pack Jr. Made of puncture resistant, crush proof, high-density polyethylene NanoTechnology – Kolpin packs are the toughest available.

Innovative wide stance design offers stability during storage and features molded handles for easy transportation and filling while still providing a 1.5 gal capacity in a compact container.

Includes self venting / child proof spout for filling and blind cap for transporting.

Kolpin fuel and water packs will mount to any flat (drillable) surface with the versatile Pack Mount available below.

Dimensions: 11.5"W x 4.5"D x 12"H

EPA Certified: #9TPG2P3AABP1-001-R01
CARB Compliant: G-09-016
Made in USA

Pack Mount: Mount your Kolpin fuel tank on any flat, drillable surface.

Bracket: This versatile bracket is designed to vertically mount the fuel packs off your vehicle, leaving plenty of room for your other gear.

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